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Zing Anything – Zing54 Pitcher

Now you can instantly create that big batch of fruit infused water that tastes amazing with the Zing54!
Add fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices to the 54 oz base and use the adjustable-length muddling wand to release the all-natural flavors of each ingredient. A citrus reamer attachment is included and can be used to juice your favorite citrus fruits directly into your beverage. The built-in strainer ensures the pulp and rind stay contained in the base while you pour a delicious and nutritious beverage!

This design was produced collaboratively by the efforts of Make 26, Studio Murmer and Zing Anything.


Mechanical concepts for the muddler extension release mechanism, ergonomic studies,  and preliminary functional prototypes created by Make 26.



Illustration showing how the muddler release mechanism works, which allows the user to extend the shaft for muddling. The storage position is also the pouring position. Concept and illustration by Make 26.

Preliminary concept drawings illustrating how the muddler handle fits into the storage collar, which also acts as the strainer. Concept and drawings produced by Make 26.
Early 3D concept illustration progression showing an open/close muddler handle system. Concept and illustrations produced by Make 26.


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