M26 Studio

The Make 26 team is comprised of seasoned experts with extensive experience in new product development. We work with a broad range of companies, from Fortune 500 firms to start-ups, creating inspired, user-grounded solutions across a range of product categories.

Why is Make 26 different from traditional consulting firms? Not only do we have extensive consulting experience, we have also worked hands-on successfully developing and manufacturing proprietary products for retail. This experience gives us a distinct advantage in our ability to strategically develop market-driven products, ensuring that the products we create will not only address the needs of users, they will meet the requirements of retailers. The result is that we have been able to create products that have generated unprecedented sales for retailers.

Today, we offer our clients the ability to design solutions that address the needs of a constantly changing marketplace.  We understand the evolving market demands via continuous immersion in culture.  As a diverse team, we continually observe, learn about, and participate in the full spectrum of contemporary culture and changes in the lifestyles of people.  As a product development firm we are nimble, flexible; this allows us to adapt to rapid change.



Above diaplays some of the many clients that Make 26 has had the pleasure of working with. This list is continuously growing.


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