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Skil Brand Style Guide

Make 26 assisted in the development of a Style Guide that specified the design elements and parameters of a new Visual brand language (VBL). The purpose of this style guide is to insure the consistent application of design elements that both directly and subliminally communicate Skil’s brand values and personality through visual imagery and elements of design style. This guide will apply to future power tool design and development under the family of Skil brands, including Skil Black, Skil Red, Skilsaw Black, and Skilsaw Red.  

This guide indentifies the four fundamental characteristics that define the essence of the Skil brand.


The guide lays out common design characteristics, such as overall form, character lines, specific identifiers, and common design characteristic details.
Common characteristics are applied to the following:

  • Overall Form
  • Grip Line
  • Grip Detail
  • Vents Area
  • Trigger Ergonomics
  • Handle Ergonomics
  • Strain/Relief Cord
  • Warning Labels
  • Color
  • Color Layout
  • Textures/Finishes
  • Logo Geometry


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